Photography & Design

Huckberry Print Catalogs


Spring 2017

"I know it's super last minute but I'm about to head out on a fast cruise down the Na Pali Coast if you want to join."
You can plan your vacation down to the last coconut porter, but nothing will ever bear local know-how. So when shark attack survivor and shark advocate Mike Coots texted us at 8AM with an invite to jet down Kauai's coast before we'd even met, we knew this was going to be the trip of a lifetime.
Also... Kelly Slater was there.

Lifestyle Photography, Art Direction, Layout
Studio Photography by Johnny Pfarr
Video by Jeff Peterman and Chris Braun



Fall 2016

If any season fully encapsulates the ethos and spirit of Huckberry, it's Fall. Our very first Fall issue follows Zach and Jonathan of the band Jamestown Revival, along with Huckberry ambassadors Charles Post and Meg Haywood-Sullivan, exploring the lush landscapes of the San Juan Islands. The catalog features Huckberry's top Fall product line-ups in apparel, gear, and home goods, and coincides with Jamestown Revival's promotion of their sophomore album The Education of a Wandering Man, set for release on Oct. 7th.

Lifestyle Photography, Art Direction, Layout
Additional Photography by Meg-Haywood Sullivan
Studio Photography by Johnny Pfarr


Winter 2016

For Huckberry’s third catalog we mixed up the format in favor of strong editorial content with a focus on people; customers, partners, and friends made along our 6-year journey from a 300 sq. foot office to now. Profiling everyone from Patrick Marleau of the San Jose Sharks, Jonathan Ward of ICON 4x4, photographer Chris Burkard, and Andy Fallshaw of Bellroy and Carryology, we set out to discover and share what makes the guys we’ve looked up to tick.

Lifestyle Photography, Art Direction, Layout
Additional Photography by Brook James, James Exley, Nick LaVecchia
Studio photography by Johnny Pfarr and Myself