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The Salkantay Pass, now in book form


Ascender contains 94 original photographs taken in the southern winter of 2017. The images were composed during a 5-day trek through the Salkantay Pass in the Peruvian Andes. Each photograph is presented in chronological order and marked by the altitude at which it was captured. This printed version contains an additional 34 pages that were not included in the original digital version (bonus material!).
A full PDF of the book can be viewed and downloaded free here.

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  • 7" x 10" linen-wrapped hardcover book
  • 128 pages printed on 176gsm uncoated paper

  • Limited edition of 100 copies

  • Individually signed and hand-numbered

  • Gold foil stamped covers and spine

  • Printed and bound in Berkeley, CA

  • Shipping and further info down below

poco a poco, uno camina lejos

little by little, one walks far


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At this introductory price ($64) I'll be making a little over what I paid to get these made, packaged, and shipped (about $10 per book). This isn't very good business, but the point is to allow my friends, family, and strangers who stalk me to be able to own my work for as reasonably cheap as possible. I'll raise it eventually, so get it while the gettin's good.

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Potentially, Frequently Asked Questions:

What did you shoot with?
All of the photos were taken with a Canon 5d mkiii and a 24-70mm 2.8 L

Who printed the books?
Edition One books in Berkeley, CA

What font is that?

Are individual prints for sale?
Email me:

What trekking company did you use?
Salkantay Trekking — 'glamping' at its finest. They were great though, highly recomended

Did you get altitude sickness?
Not too much nausea, but three days of constant, throbbing headaches. I didn't acclimatize long enough, so if you go... do that.

Is the spine text upside-down?
I promise it's on purpose

Is your book's intro the first and only time you've ever used the word "destitute"?

What about "assuage"?
Also yes

Do you speak Spanish?

Is that a joke?