Photography & Design



I'm the senior designer and photographer at Huckberry, an occasional freelancer, and chef de cuisine at Mi Casa. I prefer real football over American football (unless it's the band) and violently refuse to acknowledge they're pronounced "jifs". I love shooting and exploring the outdoors, but you can very often just find me swooning over piano melodies or air-drumming to hardcore in my living room.

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Based in SF

Tools of the Trade

- Canon 5D MKIII + 24-70mm & 50mm

- Hasselblad 500 C/M + 80mm

- Leica M6 + 35mm Summicron 

- A handful of Micron pens

3 Truths & A Lie

1. I've visited more countries than states

2. I'm fluent in Japanese

3. I have never seen Fight Club

4. Broccoli is awesome